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Plan for Success

The George Gervin Academy Guidance and Counseling programs address the academic, career, personal, and social needs of all students. Our counseling program is an integral part of our school’s total education program. In collaboration with teachers, administrators, and parents, the program goals maximize the benefits for all students.

Graduation Program

Beginning with the Class of 2011, we require that our students take a 26-credit pathway to high school graduation. This program includes basic core classes like English/language arts, mathematics, and the sciences as well as physical education, health, technology, fine arts, and a variety of elective options.

Credit by Examination

Students may earn credits in certain courses for which they have not received formal instruction by taking approved examinations. GGA offers these examinations twice a year.

Counselor's corner

Stay up-to-date by reading our latest information from the Counseling Department.

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Post-high school planning

We encourage all our graduates to further their education beyond high school. We’ve provided some resources to get students started with their research.



Financing a higher education can be a challenge, but we’re here to help!


College entrance

College-bound students must take certain entrance exams. You’ll find information on the tests and how to study for them right here.