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Project ALERT

Project ALERT (Adolescents Life Education through Resistance Training) is a non-profit Drug Free Community (DFC) coalition under the George Gervin Youth Center Inc. The DFC Program helps local leaders organize to identify the youth drug issues unique to their communities and develop the infrastructures necessary to effectively prevent and respond to the disease of addiction. The DFC Support Program is a federal grant program that provides funding to community-based coalitions that organize to prevent youth substance abuse.

Our History

Project ALERT was launched as a result of the increasing devastation and deterioration of target area youth by substance abuse and underage drinking. After several collaborative meetings that included representatives of public education, nonprofit organizations, law enforcement, public health communities, business entities, faith-based organizations, and substance abuse organizations committed to reducing the drug epidemic here in San Antonio. 

Join Us

How can you help?

  • Join our coalition.
  • Collaborate, promote, and support “drug-free” events in collaboration with Project ALERT.
  • Promote recovery resources and help reduce the stigma of addiction by supporting and advocating with Project ALERT.


Urgent Projects

January - Fetal Impact Awareness 
February - COA Awareness 
March - Drugs and the Brain Awareness 
April - Alcohol Abuse Awareness
May - Mental Health Promotion Awareness 
June - Marijuana Use & Abuse Awareness 
July - Rx Drug Abuse 
August - Your Community Needs
September - Recovery Awareness
October - Prevention Awareness 
November - Tobacco Awareness 
December - Drinking, Drugs, and Driving Awareness

Our Leadership Team

Teresa Williams
Program Director 
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Our mission

Our roles and responsibilities:

  • Reduction of youth alcohol/ tobacco use and its related consequences.
  • Reduction of youth marijuana use and its related consequences.
  • Prevention of prescription drug abuse.