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Administration & Staff

The faculty, staff, and leadership at George Gervin Youth Center care for the well-being and success of everyone who calls our schools, programs, and residential facilities “home.” If you have any questions or concerns, we welcome you to contact us at (210) 568.8800. 


George Gervin
Frances Boynes
Salary: $167,500
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Barbara Hawkins
Special Projects Coordinator 
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Rana Emerson
Compliance Officer
Nathan Hawkins
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Robert Hawkins
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Kimberly Walker
Human Resources Director
Beatrice Meads
Executive Assistant




Brandon Forrest
Daniel Martinez
Blanco Campus Principal
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Tyrone Darden
Dean of Special Programs
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Mike Sanchez
Vice Principal
Tracy Winston
Vice Principal
Debbie Grady
Curriculum Director
Dorothy Wendorf
Academic Coach
Debbie Constable
Special Programs Director



Daniel Sakin
Lead Accountant
Karen Camp
District Special Projects Coordinator 
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Christina Guerra
Special Programs Administrative Assistant
Darlene Smith
Payroll/Accounts Payable
Juan Martinez
Nancy Herrera
Administrative Assistant MS
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Abigail Miranda
PEIMS Coordinator 
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  Joe Rodriguez
Maintenance Manager
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Melinda Rodriguez
Administrative Assistant Blanco
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Patricia LeDon

Food Service Manager
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Neomi Wright
School Office Manager
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Vera Garcia
Elementary School Front Office
LaTigra Towles
Laura Mendez
Medical Aide
Tranita Harris
PEIMS Coordinator
Brenda Rivera
Food Service Blanco Campus



Pablo Ruiz
Daniel Obregon




Abassta, Ysela
Dual Language 2nd Grade
Sixto Aleman
Physical Education Coach
Jerry Anderson
HS Social Studies
Ruby Avila
Tarhonda Belcher
Kenya Bland
ELA 7th Grade
Gabrielle Bonar
Bettina Bonsu
HS Computer Lab
Sara Brock
3rd Grade
Daniel Brown
Special Education HS
Dahlia Cano
Dual Language Pre-K
Nancy Chavez
Dual Language Pre-K
Roderick Cox
CTE (Career and Technology)
Lakisha Dailey
Dohnyka Dennard
ELA 8th-10th Grade
Bernadette Diaz
2nd Grade
Skye Dicker
Spanish/ELA HS
Aldric Dow
HS Computer Science
Vanessa Elkins
Dual Language Pre-K
Sean Elmore
CTE (Career and Technology)
Ella Floyd
3rd Grade
Cynthia Garcia
1st Grade
Luis Garcia
5th Grade
Vannia Gonzalez
3rd Grade
Brittany Guthrie
Claudia Hinojosa
Special Education Elementary
Tarina Jackson
Math 6th and 7th Grade
Monica Lara
Maria Longoria
Dual Language 4th and 5th Grade
Carlyta McGarity
CTE (Career and Technology)
Sara Milhoan
Math 7th and 8th Grade
Celyna Montemayor
1st Grade
Caroline Morgan
Special Education MS
Michelle Nanez
Dual Language Kindergarten
Evonne Nathaniel
ELA 6th Grade
Amerilys Ortiz
Dual Language 1st Grade
Andrea Ramirez
1st Grade
George Ramirez
Betty Ramsey
Deborah Reeves
4th Grade
Maria Richardson
Rosa Rivera
Dual Language Pre-K
Jesus Rodriguez
Physical Education Coach
Soraya Stringer
CTE (Career and Technology)
Trishawn Taylor
Maria Valentin Vasquez
Dual Language Kindergarten
Olga Vargas
Math HS
Mary Ann Vasquez
2nd Grade
Anna Vo
1st Grade








“An education isn't how much you have committed to memory or even how much you know. It's being able to differentiate between what you know and what you don't.”

-Anatole France